11 Ways To Find New Ideas For Project

Gaining technological knowledge, soft skills and autonomy before entering college is important to improve the transition to college life, says UPN experts, who achieve the following recommendations:

How to strengthen your knowledge before entering college

  • Organize time and space: Having a place for study will allow a better concentration free of distractions. Proper planning with established schedules of priorities between digital classes and events that add to professional development goals is paramount to getting started on the right foot at this stage.
  • Review the subjects: The amount of information the university provides may seem overwhelming for some students. Studying the knowledge acquired as mathematics, general culture and language a few months before starting classes will be very helpful for the first cycle.
  • Apply study strategies and techniques: Strengthening the development of mind maps, conceptual, timelines, synoptic tables and summaries, will improve ideas and facilitate learning.
  • Leveraging technology: The Internet is very useful for reinforcing research and new concepts. There are applications that help make times more effective and study for exams or make tokens for exhibitions.
  • Staying informed: Being aware of national and international development will be a point in favor of expanding knowledge and being ready for class interventions on the juncture.

Universities have different communication channels and leveling options that will help complement the effort to overcome new en-enterers.

UPN offers its students different benefits such as: “Leveling Program”, with training sessions and virtual courses; “Khan Academy Program”, technological aid that improves learning in general courses to use at any time of the day and as many times as it is; “ILVEM method”, to strengthen the skills of fast reading, visual perception, global thinking, expression of ideas, diversification of vocabulary and adaptation to various subjects.

Find New Ideas For Project

“We have a student accompaniment system to support your university life, focused on 6 axes: mentoring, leading student school, personal orientation, university advocacy, leveling program and virtual orientation,” said Nicanor Gonzales, the institution’s vice.

Tricks to exercise creativity

Creativity is a capacity that must be stimulated to achieve favorable results, especially when our work demands our creative skills all the time.

It is important to activate our creativity in different ways, among them we name you 8 tricks so that you can develop your creativity:

  • Take note of everything: Write about what inspires you. Sudden ideas can often appear that can be very useful to you in future projects.
  • Water, coffee and tea: Taking a sip of water every 15 minutes decreases tiredness. Also, if you drink a cup of coffee every 30 minutes before studying, it will help you see the topics more clearly. And to achieve the energy you need, ideally drink green tea.
  • Games and puzzles: There are many games on the internet that help develop the brain. Each of them has different dynamics that help the intellect, your abilities and your memory.
  • Squeeze your hand: When you squeeze your left hand for two minutes, the neural pathways on the right side of the brain are activated. That side is creative, according to German psychologists.
  • Play another role: You have to put yourself in someone else’s role, internalize their situation. This way you will know the different emotions and points of view.
  • Vitamin B: Intense mental work makes your brain work hard. Vitamin B is best for rebuilding B vitamin B tissue.
  • Scamper Technique: Ask questions based on ideas that still do not convince you: what do I want to replace, what if I combine this idea with another one, what other idea could I adapt, what can be added or modified.
  • Smellsrosemary : The smell of rosemary is the basic essence of the fragrance. It will help you increase the speed of your mind.
  • Chewing gum: The action of chewing increases blood flow, which increases oxygen in the brain.
  • 6 hats to think about: Edward De Bono, proposes this extremely useful method. You need to analyze reality from 6 different points of view. In this way you generate innovation and new ideas.

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